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Stacy Conlon
Stacy Conlon
Founder, The Zen Girl
Digital Media Marketing in 2013: What You Need to Know

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube, Google +. These are all important social media tools, but which ones are the best and most effective for the spa industry? Using the latest research and case studies, get a strategic perspective on your marketing ef- forts in the digital world. Takeaways include: What social media tools and strategies prove to be most effective, understanding and optimizing responsive web design (i.e., mobile, iPad, website) and more.


Stacy Conlon has been in the sales and marketing field for over a decade. Currently, she consults with individuals and companies who serve the spa and wellness industries. She is a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach via Wellpeople and is the in-house Wellness Coach at Senspa in San Francisco. She is known as The Zen Girl in the social media world.

Stacy is passionate about developing and implementing effective marketing strategies as well as wellness coaching because both avenues support companies and individuals in reaching their full potential. Combining her unique skill set as a marketer, educator and coach, Stacy is also a professional writer and speaker.

Stacy lives in San Francisco, California and in her spare time loves to hike, dance and practice yoga.  

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