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Nina Curtis
Nina Curtis
Founder and President, The Nile Institute
Reflexology for the Face
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Room 301

It is possible to stimulate certain zones of the face to balance and rejuvenate the entire body. Reflexology for the Face, with similar roots to hand and foot reflexology, is an effective health and beauty care method which increases ‘energy’ throughout the body and provides relief for many common ailments. Reflexology for the Face is non invasive and can be an alternative to facial acupuncture as well as a support. Reflexology for the Face uses principles based on ancient healing teachings. The treatment is a valuable tool for health and beauty professionals alike. During this session you will be introduced to the principles of Reflexology for the Face, the techniques and the treatment.

State of the Industry: Holistic Therapies for Your Spa
Sunday 3:30 p.m. Room 301

What are the trends for holistic spa therapies in 2013 and beyond? What are consumers and clients seeking? How do you determine which holistic spa therapies are rightyou’re your spa, clinic or institute? Join Nina Curtis as she shares the latest information on holistic therapies for your spa that are here to stay. Nina will discuss ways to incorporate key holistic treatments that fit your spa culture and service offerings and the education that you and your team need to meet this growing demand. Come prepared to leave with a plan of action, an outline and focus that will prepare you for continued success in your spa business.

Reflexology for the Face
Monday 10:30 a.m. Room 301
State of the Industry: Holistic Therapies for Your Spa
Monday 1:30 p.m. Room 301

Nina Curtis is the founder and president of the Nile Institute, “A Source Vitál”, located in West Hollywood, California, and of Curtis Communications.

The Nile Institute is dedicated to offering exceptional wellness services, the finest in quality personal care products and information that is relevant for its clients to make responsible choices about their individual health, wellness, beauty and personal care needs.

Motivating, dynamic, and inspirational all describe Nina Curtis’s interaction with audiences during seminars, lectures, workshops and keynote speeches. Her enthusiasm and sincere desire to move her audience into action have captured the attention of many corporations looking for leadership and consulting in the areas of corporate communications, sales force and technical training.

Known as the “Esthetician’s Esthetician”, Nina Curtis has a twenty-five plus year history in the professional personal care and wellness industry, where she is respected as an innovative skin care specialist, educator, lecturer and businesswoman. Originally licensed as a cosmetologist, Ms. Curtis has obtained certification in aromatherapy, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), acupressure, energy modalities, reiki, and color light therapy. She has trained in the United States, France, Germany, Australia and England. She received her Bachelor’s degree of Science in Management and her MBA from Pepperdine University, and is also a graduate of the Lynwood Business Institute. As a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and health and wellness coach, Ms. Curtis is a reservoir of information. She provides education and techniques necessary to promote balanced living and the prevention of disease. She is currently studying for her Naturopathic Doctor degree.

Recognized as a thought leader, Ms. Curtis writes articles focussing on business, trends, wellness and skin and body care techniques. Through her work with many of the personal care industry leaders, she has been instrumental in the development and execution of training modules and programs for salons and spas. Ms. Curtis continues to travel internationally to heighten the standards of the professional skin care industry.

Nina Curtis has received five “Teacher of the Year” awards from the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design, located in Los Angeles, California, which inducted her into their Hall of Fame. In 2002, Ms. Curtis received the coveted Distinguished Alumna Award from Pepperdine University for her outstanding accomplishments in serving humankind through the humane pursuits of business, for participating in building a stronger university, and for her personal character as an example to all of the university’s students, alumni and faculty.

Ms. Curtis has been an advisory board member of the prestigious Spa and Hospitality Management program at UC Irvine, California, and she has provided valuable real-world insight into the business, management, and leadership skills as an instructor of continuing education Spa and Hospitality Management courses. Her insider’s perspective of the spa profession is of great benefit to the University and to the future of the industry.

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