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Robb Gorman
Robb Gorman
Owner of Toronto’s XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge
The Devil You Think You Know (Skin Care’s Dirty Little Secrets)
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Room 103

In an industry that continually develops new lotions and potions promising a Holy Grail full of waters from The Fountain of Youth, an industry over-flowing with nectars and extracts and elixirs and serums that claim to correct, restore, reverse and remove any and every type of skin concern... Our role as skin professionals is ever changing and as such we need to know our ingredients, know what these potions do and don’t do, understand the actions and reactions of these chemicals on and in the skin. Why do some products work for some and not for others? What works for women, but not for men? Robb Gorman, formerly of Bode Spa for Men and now owner of Toronto’s XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge will help you navigate the cluttered and confusing product landscape, shedding light on the ingredients that make up the formulas we work with everyday. Understanding how these formulas help or hinder our work will allow you select your products wisely, choose the ingredients that will give you the tools to successfully treat your client’s skin concerns and build client loyalty based on the results they get from you alone. Ingredients and innovations in cosmetic chemistry are The Devil You Think You Know.

Sunday 1:30 p.m. Room 103

50 minutes will change EVERYTHING. Your approach and execution of wax and sugar hair removal. Demonstrations of the BIG 6: Brows, Ears, Nose, Back, Chest and yes, The Bro-zilian! Advanced Aftercare Solutions. In this jam-packed crash course, Robb Gorman—an authority on male grooming and skin care—will guide you through everything you need to know about the art of male waxing. Perfect wax choices, specialized techniques and the science of aftercare, you will cement your ability to attain and retain a loyal following of male clients. Forever alter the way you work with your clients. Male and Female.

The Devil You Think You Know (Skin Care’s Dirty Little Secrets)
Monday 10:30 a.m. Room 103
Monday 1:30 p.m. Room 103

Robb Gorman, owner of Toronto’s XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge (www.xy-yyz.com) is a certified esthetician, make-up artist, writer and educator who specializes in skin care, waxing and grooming for men.  Robb, formerly of Bodé Spa, has developed a reputation as an authority in the areas of men’s skin health and grooming and has contributed to a number of national newspapers and magazines, including seasonal grooming features in UMM Magazine – Canada’s answer to Details and Maxim.

Travelling across North America educating on men’s skin health, waxing and grooming, Robb’s seminars and classes have become crowd favourites, notorious for their humour, insight and frank talk about the “beauty” industry all things “guy”.

With 15 years of working with skin, his skill, professionalism, warmth and humour ensures his clients feel welcomed and very much at ease.

Robb stands proudly among the rarefied ranks of the male esthetician. “Skin and body care isn’t just about looking good,” he says. “It’s a vital component of overall health and well-being. Men haven’t had this kind of relationship with themselves, but that’s changing. Fast. Education is paramount.”

Robb celebrates men who embrace their uniqueness, believe in the power of their bodies, and those who are wanting to – or working towards – feeling that power.

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