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Doug Coburn
Doug Coburn
Founder of M.E. MaleEsthetics
Reflexology & The Pedicure
Sunday 11:30 a.m. Room 103

Doug will show you the power, comfort and diversity you can bring to your pedicure with Reflexology. A review of the basic principles of Reflexology including the way the body displays internal signals will be presented in this lecture, along with some hands-on exercises. Open your pedicure and mind to one of the world’s oldest modalities.

Diabetes & the Pedicure – A Deadly Combination??
Sunday 2:30 p.m. Room 103

Diabetes is reeking havoc on our population. Certainly as our population ages we as esthetic professionals are faced with a greater number of persons with this disorder. We can deliver effective pedicure care, however we must know what to watch for and design foot care around the problem. Is it not ironic that the feet being so important to us is the first to suffer if diabetes is left untreated? Doug Coburn will help you understand the disease but also help you identify the diabetic client. Knowing what to do and how to approach a diabetic could truly save a foot, limb or life.

Reflexology & the Pedicure
Monday 11:30 a.m. Room 103
Diabetes & the Pedicure – A Deadly Combination?
Monday 2:30 p.m. Room 103

Douglas was the first male to graduate from the Ottawa Academy of Aesthetics and Hair, and as a mature student saw a gap in the industry when it came to men and spas. After co-creating The Little House Spa in rural Ontario, he ventured into the opening and operation and co-ownership of Canada’s largest men’s spa, Bodé Spa of Ottawa, Ontario. Currently he acts independently offering continuing education classes in male esthetics, consulting, writing and spa services in downtown Toronto and beyond. Douglas is a master waxing instructor, certified master pedicurist, reflexologist, public speaker, and educator.

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