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Adam Hawthorne
Adam Hawthorne
Senior Director, Revenue Management and Marketing at Travaasa Destinations
Guerrilla Marketing - How to Drive Day Spa Business Through Local Events
Sunday 1:30 Room 304

Our guests’ day to day lives are consistently consumed with various forms of advertisement. In a single day they may consume ads via the internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards and their own mobile device. As professionals within the spa industry, our goal is often to give our guests a sanctuary from this day to day onslaught, and often overload, of information. That brings up the question…how do we market to our guests without perpetuating the information overload? Within this class, we’ll answer the above question by examining and discussing the utilization of local events to drive awareness through experiential marketing. You’ll learn how to determine the events that your potential guests are attending and interact with them in a manner that drives awareness and long term revenue. Upon completion of this class, you’ll be prepared to plan, execute and track the success of your own experiential marketing campaign.

Guerrilla Marketing - How to Drive Day Spa Business Through Local Events
Monday 1:30 Room 304

Adam is Senior Director, Revenue and Marketing for Travaasa Experiential Resorts; a line of unique properties that launched in 2011 to help guests rediscover the magic of travel and exploration.  He has 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry including holding the General Manager position during the launch of a full service resort in Santa Barbara’s wine country and having regional revenue responsibility for 48 hotels at Preferred Hotel Group.   Through innovative and strategic marketing he has consistently found opportunities to drive and grow revenue across all facets of the hospitality industry.

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