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What Exhibitors Had to Say…

As the president of Eminence, I am very excited to be here at the ESI Las Vegas show. Yesterday, I had 150 people in my class. The venue is exquisite and Las Vegas has a lot of fun and excitement to offer for our customers that are coming here. You know what they say, “whatever happens in Vegas, ends up on Facebook!” We have seen people attend from Bali and Bora-Bora. People travel from all over the world to come to Las Vegas. ESI is a great show to come to. Everybody I have spoken with has told me they’ve had a great experience here. It’s a relatively intimate setting so we are able to really talk with our customers and get some serious business done. It’s more about the quality versus the quantity.

Boldijarre Koronczay, President, Eminence Organic Skin Care

I’ve known Bernard for many years and I’ve participated in several of the ESI shows in Canada. I know that he is working hard to bring quality into that industry. I notice the type of people who are attending this show. I am very glad to be here and so far we have received some nice leads. The atmosphere is very nice and intimate here.

David Sarfati, CEO, RepĂȘchage

We exhibited at ESI Las Vegas four years ago and it was extremely disappointing. It was their first year in the US Market and the show was slow. So for a couple of years, we decided not to attend. Bernard said “give me a chance” and finally I decided to give it a shot. It’s the first day of the show and I’m glad we decided to exhibit because there is quality in the people who attended as well as exhibited. The exhibitors are high-end companies from the spa and wellness industry. This show is definitely much better than it used to be and I’ve noticed many improvements. I think it’s also because of the quality of the speakers that ESI hired. The education that is offered here is better than any other show.

Philippe Therene, Founder, SpaEquip

We had a great show! Our class was busy with salon owners, spa owners, and big decision-makers. Last year at ESI, we opened three new distributors. There are very serious buyers and clients that attend this show. We are extremely happy with the turnout. We have exhibited at ESI the past two years and we have always had a great experience here. They have a great staff and are very helpful. It’s important once you’re at the show, you need that extra help and ESI is very well organized. We offered treatment this year and attendees had the option to register online prior to the show. We gave treatments all day long. Most of the attendees that received treatments were salon owners and managers. I am sure that they will share their experience with their colleagues. Most of them purchased at the show right away, so we are pleased with this year’s turnout.

Sonia Boghosian, President, Biojouvance

The show has been great and the quality of the attendees has been the important part of what’s taking place here at ESI. It’s really been the quality of decision-makers that we’ve talked to. We haven’t seen any students which is nice for us because we want to attract spa directors, day spa owners, and managers. These are the clients who use our software for their business and who we want to talk to. We’ve already written up some contracts and we’ve got a lot of good leads, so we’re happy!

Shawn Fago, Regional Sales Manager, SpaBooker

This year we’ve been lucky enough to offer our treatments on-site at our booth. It’s been a wonderful experience. We offered a crystal-free microderm. Our booth did very well and people really liked it. Everything at ESI has been wonderful. ESI was kind enough to pre-book all of our treatments so that saved us a lot of time. We didn’t have to do any of the extra leg work and we were fully booked all day. It says a lot about ESI and their dedication to providing excellent service. Often we try to offer treatments in-booth at events, but usually we have to do all of the booking. Here at ESI, they reached out to all the practitioners in advance so all we had to focus on was providing our treatments to owners, doctors, and aestheticians. We had a lot of attendees that came from Arizona as well as California.

Andrea Tiede, Director of Training and Practice Developement, Viora

ESI has been great this year. We’ve been offering several treatments and services all day long such as the hydro plus serum and the genesis microcurrent. Everything has gone really well and it’s been great because we’ve run into so many people we do business with. Most of our clients were spa directors, owners of different facilities, medical professionals and aestheticians.

Pamela Huck, President, Med Spa Distributors

Our experience at ESI has been great. The best thing is the fact that you can spend an hour with a customer and talking in-depth about your product. I’m not having to give a 30 second sales pitch like I do at a huge show. I got to meet with quality attendees and talk with them about their business and how our products can fit in their practice. It’s really nice to be able to get to know the customers and develop that relationship. We have met people everywhere from Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and California. We’ve met with many spa directors from major destination resorts such as The Wynn Encore and Peppermill as well as, many individual spa owners. It’s going to be another busy day so I hope we don’t run out of product samples! The format of ESI is perfect. I wish that more shows were like this, where you get the extra space for the in-booth treatments. We know our product speaks for itself, and the fact that we are able to demo this on the buyers helps them make a decision immediately. Here at ESI, you get the big decision-makers to try the product, talk about it, and go from there.

Matt Stevens, VP Sales and Marketing, University Medical

It’s been a really good experience this year. Everybody has been very helpful. It’s been a great show! I found the quality of attendees that are here are interested in what we are doing in the industry. What I like about this show, as opposed to other shows, is that it’s a more intimate venue and there’s a lot of personal touch. You come to know the people that organize the event and you get to meet the people that exhibit and attend the show. It’s been a great experience to be able to speak with everyone and develop more or a relationship with the people here at ESI. For us in particular because our product is a new technology. We are a relatively new company with new products so people really need to spend the time to learn what we are doing for the industry. We are happy to spend more time interacting with our future partners.

Dr. Greg Maguire, CEO & CO-Founder, BioRegenerative Sciences

Our experience at ESI has been excellent! It’s been a great show and we have received a lot of great feedback on our new product. People are very excited about it and they see the value of this new technology. All I’ve got to say, is ESI is an excellent show and we’ve met extraordinary spa owners, physicians, and aestheticians within the industry. We will definitely be back again next year.

James Stephens, Managing Partner, Emage

We’ve done hundreds of shows over the last 20 years. You can go to shows that are very big with a huge crowd or you can do shows that are smaller. The volume isn’t there but the quality of attendees is higher. We were pleasantly surprised with our experience at ESI. We are very happy to be here and looking forward to coming back again next year.

David M Cote, President, AMI Inc. Aquamassage

The ESI show is great for us to introduce our new products. ESI brings together fabulous clients from very high-end spas and that’s what our customer base is. This show also attracts attendees that are looking for better education and that’s what ESI does very well; they have the best educators in the industry at their shows. I would recommend ESI to all exhibitors, but more than anything, to spa owners to salon owners, and to technicians. The ESI shows are a great place to come and learn.

Katharin Von Gavel, Founder and CEO, Footlogix

Our experience at ESI started first with the publication of an ad in the show program; we received many calls and mail inquiries prior to the show. Several clients we met with at ESI were already informed of our NeuroSpa and came to the show to experience it. We also met with many Las Vegas Spa directors who attended and tried NeuroSpa at our booth. We started many exiting business relations with major industry leaders and already concluded sales with some of them. For me, the ESI team provided good service and support. We will definitely come again next year.

Gilbert Bouchard, Vice President of Business Development, NeuroSpa

Most of the attendees that come to ESI Las Vegas are buyers, spa owners, and spa directors. The show focuses on high-end spas, big spas and chain spas. We have some very solid leads and we will definitely double our space for the ESI show in Las Vegas next year.

Ali & Lana, Director of Education, Martinni Beauty

Eminence started to exhibit at ESI Vancouver when the show just started out in the west. Since then, we and the show grew exponentially over the years. What did not change is the professional and courteous service we have received and we are grateful for. I would recommend ESI to anyone in the personal care industry who wants to get noticed.

Attila Koronczay, Founder and General Manager, Eminence Organic Skin Care

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