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How to Make Your Spa Shower Amazing


As the spa industry regains financial momentum after a few lean years, adding value to your spa experience has never been more essential to retaining customers and attracting new business. And while sleek new couches in the lobby and new uniforms for the team might be part of the equation, integrating aromatherapy into your spa shower facilities is a proven method to boost your bottom line.

Most spas view the shower as purely utilitarian. But both the individual shower station attached to each treatment room, as well as the multi-stall shower area which is part of the facility, need to be viewed as more than simply a place to rinse off a scrub or herbal wrap solution. When a shower system like Essio Aromatherapy is introduced to your treatments, the shower becomes a menu upgrade and a unique selling proposition, distinguishing your offering from those of competitors. Offered in six original blends, both energizing and relaxing, Essio transforms those few moments in the shower into the thematic culmination of your customer’s spa experience, versus just a quick rinse and out the door. Spa-owners know that the longer the client lingers in the spa, the higher the likelihood of a prompt rebooking.

Essio is a new system of products, incorporating exclusively 100% USDA certified organic essential oils. These innovative products, developed by a young West coast entrepreneur, contain no irritating artificial perfumes or colors, which are common in pretender-aromatherapy products. Essio aromatherapy for the shower contains no phthalates, parabens or other petrochemicals, and is manufactured without the carrier oils which are frequently used in genuine aromatherapy products. Essio products are blended only with the intense, pristine essential oils which have been prized for centuries in many cultures for their enhancement of well-being through aromatherapy.

Essio’s method of product distribution is unique, and will appeal to customers not only for the lushness of the aromatherapy fragrance, but also for the chic eye-appeal of its design. Essio aromatherapy blends are contained in brightly colored, recyclable plastic pods which pop into an elegantly simple pod arm. The arm is designed around universal shower-pipe measurements, and clicks onto the shower-pipe in about as much time as it takes to turn on the water.

The pure, complex and expertly crafted blends leave the pod slowly in a microveil of ultrafine aroma, issuing out through the porous tip of the pod which resembles the writing nib of a magic marker. This method is far more effective than gels, which rinse off instantly, or cake-style aromatherapy “bombs” which can only treat a few square inches of the shower. Pods tilt down to dispense the essential oils and their aroma, releasing the blend in to the moving shower flow. Then tilt the pod back when not in use. Every pod contains enough essential oil for several showers.

Customers who are not familiar with the science and healing art of aromatherapy will initially comment simply on the exhilarating fragrance imparted by Essio for the shower. Even more intruiguingly, aromatherapy has been demonstrated to have a beneficial impact stress levels, including blood pressure and blood sugar-levels. This realization will reach your client hours, even days after her treatment, creating a perfect opportunity for a follow-up call from the team. Essio also offers retail Starter Kits and essential oil refills which may be sold in your spa boutique, so that your clients may continue their spa treatment experience in the privacy and convenience of their home shower.


Peter Friis

Essio is a brand new way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of your own shower. With our new product, you’ll be able to enjoy unique fragrances produced using the purest blends of organic essential oils sourced from around the world. Our patented Essio pods deliver revitalizing essential oils into your shower stream at the perfect rate, leaving your skin soft and mind and body refreshed.

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