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Diabetes and Foot Care: Make Your Clients Aware

Almost 8 out of 10 people in the world develop foot problems, and many of them are diabetic. Proper care for diabetic feet is as important as eating balanced meals, monitoring blood sugar and getting physical activity. A recent study by the Canadian Diabetic Association revealed that more than...

The Holiday Rush is Just Around the Corner. Is Your Spa Ready?

As we know the holidays bring high client traffic, more incoming calls, and an increase in product sales. It’s barely November, but now is the time to jump-start holiday planning for your salon! Here’s a fun infographic about salon and spa holiday sales trends we’ve created with real data...

How to Make Your Spa Shower Amazing

As the spa industry regains financial momentum after a few lean years, adding value to your spa experience has never been more essential to retaining customers and attracting new business. And while sleek new couches in the lobby and new uniforms for the team might be part of the...

Go Ahead, LASH out!

Women have been fascinated with having fabulous eyelashes since the days of Cleopatra.  The eyelash business is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry and women all over the world are doing whatever they can to have beautiful, luscious lashes.  However, many of the treatments can be damaging...

Dermacycling: A Revolutionary Facial Protocol

Guest post by Jim Knut Larsson, founder of Knutek Skin Care Manufacturing. “DermacyclingTM” is a revolutionary protocol to cycle the skin between a “Trauma” and a “Healing & Nourishing” phase every four weeks. The procedure is done using Microdermabrasion techniques and Microcurrent/LED Light machines with Glycolic Acid cream to...

Simple SEO for Spas: The Power of Your Address

Being a small business on the internet can feel like being a small fish in a very big pond – think ocean sized pond. But your website can be more than that, and there are many ways for spas to boost their website’s visibility. Any spa with a website...

The Facial Bar: Bridging Hair & Skin Services

Guest Blog Post by Lydia Sarfati, Founder and CEO of Repêchage Today’s spa client wants head-to-toe services in a New York minute. Your clients do not want to hop around from hair salon – to spa – to nail salon; they want a one-stop shop for all of their...

Are You a Beauty Buff? Introducing the BFF Miracle BodyBuffer

9 Years ago there was no Facebook, now there is.  Your phone wasn’t a camera-flashlight-calculator-computer, but now it is.  Your car did not run on electricity, now it does.  Hair removal was time consuming and it hurt real bad, but wait… now it doesn’t! The BFF Miracle BodyBuffer is...

5 Benefits of Facial Exercise Programs

Lavinia Borcau, developer of the LaVie Organique organic skincare line, presents “From My Neck Up” facial exercise program. From My Neck Up is a scientifically sound, noninvasive approach to restoring a youthful appearance. The program is scientifically based on the anatomy of the face and neck and the physiology...

Maximize the Return on Your Tradeshow Investment

Part 1 of 2: Tips for Tradeshow Exhibitors Trade shows offer unparalleled opportunities to reach potential clients, industry leaders and strategic partners. You can maximize your tradeshow experience with planning, execution, and follow-up. Part I of my post on tradeshow tips is focused on exhibitors. Part II offers tips...

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