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Groupon: Ally or Enemy?

The question comes up in almost every marketing class or seminar I teach. “What do you think about Groupon?” So here we go. Marketing Brilliance As a marketing company I can appreciate the brilliant business model that Groupon has created and grown. In fact, it is the fastest company...

How to Make Your Spa Shower Amazing

As the spa industry regains financial momentum after a few lean years, adding value to your spa experience has never been more essential to retaining customers and attracting new business. And while sleek new couches in the lobby and new uniforms for the team might be part of the...

ESI Spa Show Provides a Platform to Meet Top Industry Leaders

ESI attendees have communicated that the top two reasons for attending the show is for networking and education. With that being said, ESI continues to focus each year on creating a show that allows spa professionals to network and learn from top industry leaders. Last week ESI Pro Educator...

Dermacycling: A Revolutionary Facial Protocol

Guest post by Jim Knut Larsson, founder of Knutek Skin Care Manufacturing. “DermacyclingTM” is a revolutionary protocol to cycle the skin between a “Trauma” and a “Healing & Nourishing” phase every four weeks. The procedure is done using Microdermabrasion techniques and Microcurrent/LED Light machines with Glycolic Acid cream to...

Simple SEO for Spas: The Power of Your Address

Being a small business on the internet can feel like being a small fish in a very big pond – think ocean sized pond. But your website can be more than that, and there are many ways for spas to boost their website’s visibility. Any spa with a website...

The Facial Bar: Bridging Hair & Skin Services

Guest Blog Post by Lydia Sarfati, Founder and CEO of Repêchage Today’s spa client wants head-to-toe services in a New York minute. Your clients do not want to hop around from hair salon – to spa – to nail salon; they want a one-stop shop for all of their...

Reflexology & The Male Pedicure

Oscar Wilde said “illusion is the first of all impressions.”  Indeed the world of our bodies and how they respond to external and internal changes is illusive at times.  My humble role in the spa world includes foot care, male esthetic issues and reflexology.  I bring many topics to...

The Seventh “T” to Spa Business Success

Guest post by Kristine Huffman, General Manager, Austin, Brand Experiences Director for Travaasa Experiential Resorts   It’s no secret that your team is the most critical success factor of any program or service you’re trying to launch.  But how do you select and lead a team of service providers that...

Robb Gorman on The 6T’s of Success

Guest post by Robb Gorman, Owner of Toronto’s XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge. After 15 years in the business of “beauty” I’ve seen a lot of ugly. In fact, the majority of my career has been devoted to searching for some sort of beauty within an environment super-saturated...

Why Are Body Mechanics So Important?

Guest Post by Eric Stephenson, Director of Massage Education, iMassage Inc. I have spent the better part of the last fifteen years obsessed with the subject of body mechanics as it relates to massage therapy. It is a healthy obsession, as I am always looking for a better or...


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