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Why You Should Consider Homeopathic Remedies in Your Wellness Regimen


Wellness. We all want it but it sure can be confusing because there are so many wellness messages in so many places! The word is slapped on products such as pet food, mouthwash, electronic skin stimulators, nail polish, soap, foods, supplements and medicine of all types.  We can spend a great deal of cash to be surrounded by wellness and not really feel very well.

Personally, I started my wellness journey over 13 years ago.  I was a 35-year-old wife and mom with a demanding career and I was wiped out.  I was an asthmatic, known as “the puffer girl” to friends and family.  I had many allergies, frequently used antibiotics, weighed more and looked older then I do today.

However, before I share more about my journey, I think it is important to think back. Thirteen years ago TV commercials did not tell the side effects of the medicines, beauty was skin deep and the most of the population had never bought organic foods. It was not widely accepted that stress affects health.

Today, Whole Foods is a favorite grocer. You can buy organic products everywhere, stress is commonly accepted as a health risk and TV commercials are required to warn us of all the scary side effects from prescription drugs.

Thirteen years ago spas were for pampering, a treat and pure indulgence. Today people go to spa seeking to feel better.

But even with all of these changes and wellness being marketed so widely, the average American woman is tired, burning the candle at both ends and her stress has become physical. She feels old and complains of pain and exhaustion. So, how do we really become well?

For me, I made gradual lasting changes. I did not buy into fads but rather looked to nature and history for help. I have not changed who I am; I am still a wife and mom with a demanding job.  I work too much, exercise too little and love happy hour!  I am also on NO prescription drugs, weigh less than I did 13 years ago, have more energ, and at age 48, I feel and look better then I did at 35.

My gradual changes included natural medicine and specifically, homeopathy. Homeopathy is the second most widely used medicine in the world today. It has safely helped people live healthier lives for over 200 years. Although there are many critics in the United States, this is not the case abroad.  Even the Queen of England’s doctor is a homeopath.  I’m also more conscious of my older body and how I treat it daily.  I am more conscious of my breath, drinking enough water and I am aware of the foods and products I use in my home, put in my mouth and on my hair and skin.

Homeopathy has been the most consistent and key element of my wellness.  It has become my passion and my business. I founded Sprayology to modernize homeopathy with the mission to help people feel better naturally by redefining wellness and how we treat our bodies daily.

Ellie Whalen

Ellie spent the last 25 years working in marketing, sales, operations and management with innovative and luxury brands such as Swatch Watch, Christian Dior and Sprayology.

As part of the founding Sprayology team in 1999, her fingerprint has been on every aspect of the brand. Ellie’s endless efforts and innovative spirit have been paramount in the creation, direction and growth of the company. Her well-rounded talents are highlighted by her natural sales and marketing ability and her passion for health, wellness and the Sprayology brand.

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