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Reflexology & The Male Pedicure


Male Foot CareOscar Wilde said “illusion is the first of all impressions.”  Indeed the world of our bodies and how they respond to external and internal changes is illusive at times.  My humble role in the spa world includes foot care, male esthetic issues and reflexology.  I bring many topics to the ESI table including reflexology anatomy.  My lectures and evening classes explore parts of foot care and reflexology applications that will surely demonstrate a ROI with your business. Combining modalities is a great skill to have and apply to your clients or in the development of your key staff.  There is much to be said about men and the spa world. From the aspect of foot care there is a way to market to him, help him and get him to cross the threshold to your institution.  I am proud to say that now over a decade into this industry, I can bring you a new sense of confidence and enhanced skills that will simply brighten your days and renew your interest in what you already do best. Please read over the lecture presentation notes in your ESI show program or online for specific details of the material I will be presenting. I look forward to meeting new faces and sharing some exiting and enhancing education!

Doug Coburn

Douglas was the first male to graduate from the Ottawa Academy of Aesthetics and Hair, and as a mature student saw a gap in the industry when it came to men and spas. After co-creating The Little House Spa in rural Ontario, he ventured into the opening and operation and co-ownership of Canada’s largest men’s spa, Bode Spa of Ottawa, Ontario. Currently he acts independently offering continuing education classes in male esthetics, consulting, writing and spa services in downtown Toronto and beyond. Douglas is a master waxing instructor, certified master pedicurist, reflexologist, public speaker, and educator.

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