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Reflexology & The Male Pedicure

Oscar Wilde said “illusion is the first of all impressions.”  Indeed the world of our bodies and how they respond to external and internal changes is illusive at times.  My humble role in the spa world includes foot care, male esthetic issues and reflexology.  I bring many topics to...

Are You a Beauty Buff? Introducing the BFF Miracle BodyBuffer

9 Years ago there was no Facebook, now there is.  Your phone wasn’t a camera-flashlight-calculator-computer, but now it is.  Your car did not run on electricity, now it does.  Hair removal was time consuming and it hurt real bad, but wait… now it doesn’t! The BFF Miracle BodyBuffer is...

The Seventh “T” to Spa Business Success

Guest post by Kristine Huffman, General Manager, Austin, Brand Experiences Director for Travaasa Experiential Resorts   It’s no secret that your team is the most critical success factor of any program or service you’re trying to launch.  But how do you select and lead a team of service providers that...

Robb Gorman on The 6T’s of Success

Guest post by Robb Gorman, Owner of Toronto’s XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge. After 15 years in the business of “beauty” I’ve seen a lot of ugly. In fact, the majority of my career has been devoted to searching for some sort of beauty within an environment super-saturated...

Why Are Body Mechanics So Important?

Guest Post by Eric Stephenson, Director of Massage Education, iMassage Inc. I have spent the better part of the last fifteen years obsessed with the subject of body mechanics as it relates to massage therapy. It is a healthy obsession, as I am always looking for a better or...

Resolve to Remove: Nufree Founder Talks Hair Removal

Guest Post by Anne Moratto. Hair removal is a growth industry. Norma ean Fusco, the CEO of Nufree, a wax-free hair removal system, encourages hair stylists to incorporate hair removal into their skill set. “Every square foot of a salon has to make money and hair removal brings in...

Spa Trends: Finding the Right ones for your Market

Guest blog post by Melissa Fielding, Director of Leisure Services, Flamingo, Harrahs and Imperial Spa and Salon The spa industry is constantly changing.  How do you know which new trends will be successful in your spa?  Each year there seems to be hundreds of new products and treatments developed...

2013 Trend Report: How it Will Affect The Day Spa Industry

Guest post by Sallie Fraenkel, Executive Vice President. As Yogi Berra once said (I rarely, if ever, quote sports figures, but this one is apt), “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” SpaFinder® Wellness has been forecasting trends for the past 10 years, and I’ve been involved...

10 Psychological Touchpoints in the Spa

Guest Post by Jeremy McCarthy, Director, Global Spa Development and Operations at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, author of the book The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing. Spas tend to market themselves around the physical aspects of the experience: their facilities, their treatments, their products.  But the best spas realize that the...

5 Benefits of Facial Exercise Programs

Lavinia Borcau, developer of the LaVie Organique organic skincare line, presents “From My Neck Up” facial exercise program. From My Neck Up is a scientifically sound, noninvasive approach to restoring a youthful appearance. The program is scientifically based on the anatomy of the face and neck and the physiology...


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